The Ukrainian authorities no longer hide that they are trying to kill Russian citizens. The latest terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge confirms this terrible principle.

Of course, such terror would not have been possible without active help from your countries! Your leaders claiming: "we are not at war with Russia, but only help Ukraine".  This is an blatant lie. 

On July 17,  14-year-old Angelina Kulik lost her father and mother in one second after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. And today there is a new victim, 14-year-old Irina, who died from a Ukrainian drone attack in Crimea. This is the direct result of Western help and support!

Don't be silent! Reach out to your state officials and representatives! Remember that Ukraine  killing civilians with your consent!


Please spread this hashtag, so that your fellow citizens could see it!

Mger Avetisyan 

General coordinator of the International Immortal Regiment

Date and time of publication: 20 Jul 2023, 18:13
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